9LU 137786

Can Give the World's Most Wanted Criminals(or anyone from any part of the world) in a second through 4th Dimensional Distance Travel(Suctional)

First time I am providing services at a big scale in which I can give you any top most wanted criminal/terrorist/traitor of your country, even the topmost leader of any terrorist organization through 4th Dimensional Distance Travel(Suctional) in a second at your given coordinates after confirming the deal from my side. You can pay me within 24 hours after delivery, first, make yourself satisfied and check whether that your parcel is correct or not then pay me.

First, you have to contact me, then tell me who you want with basic details and why he/she is a criminal in your country. You have to provide the DNA of that person if that is available with you and tell me where you want that person(coordinates). I can give that person at any place you want. After confirming, I can give that person at your given coordinates. If you are honest and trustworthy, then you will get the parcel within 5 minutes of contacting me.

I can easily know who is where. I suck your parcel, perform several checks regarding the parcel's health, and check DNA and Deliver at your given coordinates. After Delivery, check the correctness of the parcel and make yourself satisfied but keep in mind till I get what I want. I will not let you harm the parcel and after paying me what I want, Do whatever you want to do with that parcel. I don't care.


  • 1) Nobody should know that you have ever contacted me and you have a deal with me regarding anything.
  • 2) I will never let you use my devices. I only provide service only for one time for that you have to pay me.
  • 3) Contact me through e-mails only.
  • 4) If you have any wrong intentions in any of your officials' minds, then don't even think to contact me because I already know your intentions. I know every country has some wrong people who are in power. Some have less power, some have more, but I have no interest in that.
  • 5) Neither I give nor ask for a second chance.
  • 6) I will not provide the location from where I have picked the parcel. If you want the information, then ask in your style with the person.
  • 7) I won't bear it if any of my statements are twisted or treated in the wrong way to favor you. This will off the deal from my side, and your country will come on my negative list. Also, I will not do the deal if you play any kind of politics or conspiracy or try to steal anything from me.
  • 8) I won't come to deliver the parcel. The parcel will automatically reach the coordinates, then communicate with me when and where I should come to take my things(which are proper authorized documents and permissions) within 24 hours. I also need authorized permission to come to your place to take things.
  • 9) No cameras, thermal detectors, or any kind of equipment or devices that can record anything should not be around that coordinates to record the delivery of the parcel. You have no right to record anything, including the parcel, till you give me what you have to pay me. I don't have any problem if the people who are a part of the deal are around the coordinates to see the delivery of the parcel.
  • 10) When I come to take things from you, no devices or equipment should not be there to reveal my identity. I am not giving anyone any right to reveal my identity to anyone.
  • 11) After paying me, you can tell the world that you have captured on your own. I don't want any credits.
  • 12) I hate things like - time waste, false statements, mislead, wrong interpretation, dishonesty, lie, breaching someone's privacy and security through any means.
I will support that country in all their good intentions who agree with all the things listed above and below.

There are two lists in which I list people, country or any organization about whom I will think 100 times before helping them if I don't trust them, but still, I will help them if they are really in need in future, all those on whom I have trust issues will fall in the sub-negative list. In the negative list, people/others have betrayed me, and I can die but never help them at any cost.

To not come in my sub-negative or negative list, make sure you have made a team of good people who also have power who don't have any wrong intentions otherwise don't need to waste my time and yours, and because of few people who have wrong intentions they make their country in those lists.

If you have wrong intentions and tried to contact me, then you have already come into my sub-negative list.


  • 1) First, that person should really be a criminal in general. He will not be considered a criminal if he/she has false charges by your Country.
  • 2) I can check with proofs by myself what have he/she had done wrong in his/her entire life.
  • 3) Name of the person with Image and basic details and what charges that person has, in short why you think that person is criminal, it does not matter he/she is criminal for the world or specific country, that person should be a criminal.
  • 4) DNA sample.
  • 5) If you don't have the details or DNA, then it's also ok. Still, I can give you the person but don't lie to me.


  • 1)You should only contact me through e-mail with a basic introduction, and you should tell me your real intentions, and I will match with what I know. If it matches, then we will proceed further.


  • 1)I want a bank account in your country with 10 Billion USD in it and full access to operate and withdraw from any part of the world.
  • 2)400 Acres of plain land in square shape in any part of your country where the temperature is always lower than 10-degree Celsius and above -40 degrees Celsius. The land should be at least 3 Km away from any kind of human activities. I don't care about the snowfall.
  • 3)That land becomes mine. I can do whatever I like to do with that land, and I can come whenever I want, Don't worry, I won't use any of your air space because I am using 4th Dimensional Distance Travel, and airspace above that land is also mine.
  • 4)You will not tell anyone that I have any land in your country, Don't worry. Nobody will ever detect the construction of the land because of 4th Dimensional Caps, and even if they try to use drones/satellites, nobody will find anything.
  • 5)I will not pay any taxes on the money in my bank account and no taxes on land. I will not file any taxes yearly(or any other kind periodically) or any papers anywhere.
  • 6)Keep this in mind the money and land are not an investment from your side. It is fees which you are paying after having successful service by me.
  • 7)You can easily pay me these within 24 hours after delivery with proper authorized documents and permissions for the lifetime.
I do not negotiate and only work on my conditions. If you can give me all this, then contact me otherwise, don't waste my time.

If in case you are not able to deliver within 24 hours or don't ready to pay me what you have to pay in exchange for my service then I will take back my parcel and put it back from where I have taken it from, and your country will come under negative list.

You have no right to ask why I need land and money, but I am still telling you because transparency should be on both sides.


  • 1)I want land for the production of heavy units like spacecraft, Hexa-spherical egg, and others.
  • 2)I will cover the whole 400 acres of land with a 50 feet wall.
  • 3)I have thousands of options in my mind about the lands in the entire world which I like still I am giving you to come up with land which is not useful to you. I know as per my requirement the land is already very cheap.


  • 1)I use the money to build large-scale units only.
  • 2)Give people employment to work at my place and also land to live there.
If I am producing things to sell in your country, then I am ready to pay taxes to your country; otherwise, not.

I am ready to pay taxes if I buy anything for construction or anything from your country, but if deliberately high taxes are imposed on construction or labor or others so that money can get back to you as fast as possible, I will not take it.


  • 1)I can guarantee you that I will never enter your land and air space except for space which is mine. I am ready to take permission and inform your authority If I am entering your land and I can also give the documents of all those people(your country's citizen) who will work at my place.
  • 2)My experiments will not have the ability to harm anyone. I don't perform those test which has the probability of harming above than 0.0001.
  • 3)I can guarantee you that I will not do any illegal activity on your land and follow all rules and regulations.
  • 4)I can guarantee you that I will not do anything which will harm your country or your people, and the environment will remain clean. I will not dump any waste because I never produce in large quantities, and whatever I produce, I will recycle it anyhow.
  • 5)I can guarantee you that I will be good from my side and always ready to help you with all your good intentions.

I know many countries will be completely fine without my service(results which I can provide you with using my service), but If you want to make a new friend and also want to save your money on politics, soldiers, intelligence and have no wrong intentions then there is nothing wrong in it.

I have put my heart out in front of you, whatever my intentions, I have cleared it, now at max what can happen, at max you will try to betray me, not more than that you can do. Still, I will not do anything against you because I don't like that and also I don't have time for all this. When all gods of all religions hands are on my head, then I have nothing to fear.


The work on the land will be shut and remain shut, The land and money will take care of by my family as caretakers, and none of them have the right to do anything on land and also have no right to do any of the transactions of money till any person who will claim my original lab, that person will have all the rights on the land and money. He/She will have the same knowledge like me. I can guarantee you that he/she will only do good like me. If he/she even thinks of anything wrong, he/she will lose his memory, and the land and money have to wait for next me.

Any of the points from the above, if not followed, then the deal is off.

UPDATE - 16-05-2021

The above Deal was published on 17th March 2020.

On 25th November 2020, government officials of a country had contacted me(not disclosing the name of that country). They don't want those services which I mentioned above instead they have come up with a different proposal which I can't refuse. Their intentions are in favor of mankind. They don't have that much land in size, which I required for all of my requirements (spacecraft, Hexa-spherical egg, and other stuff), but still, they gave me the land of my preference for construction of spacecraft and also money in their country's bank account(not disclosing the size of land and amount of money). They also offered me citizenship of their country, which I refused, but I have all papers. If in case I want in the future, then I can have it at any time.

On 15th December 2020, I completed their task(not disclosing the task). Their Government officials have also seen, How I teleport(4th Dimensional distance/space travel) a human from one place to another.

On 22nd December 2020, they gave me land, money, and all the papers with full authority.

On 16th May 2021, All land is now covered with walls, and also 4th Dimensional Caps is also activated so that no one can see if any kind of construction has ever been done on that land.


  • - Their intentions are good and in favor of mankind.
  • - They are true and honest towards me.
  • - They don't have land in their country, which I need, but still, they were ready to help me to any extent.

UPDATE - 15-03-2022

On 13th August 2021, a person working as a researcher in a government organization of a country solved a puzzle from the above previous text. The interesting thing is that I have never mentioned that it contains any hidden number of puzzles, and still, I am not disclosing how many puzzles are still there in the text.

First, he tried to search and solve the puzzle because he wanted to be my legatee(Next Me), but to be my legatee, he should find the right puzzle to enter inside my lab, and he is still searching for hidden clues.

He talked to his superiors about me, and they have come up with a proposal that is beneficial for their people's quality of life.

On 25th August 2021, Government Officials contacted me. Whatever they wanted, I have completed it within the next few hours.

On 13th September 2021, they invited me to collect the land and bank details papers.

On 14th September 2021, my bot updated the puzzle.

Till 15th March 2022,

  • I have successfully constructed a Hexa-spherical egg,
  • covered all the land with walls,
  • setup the 4th Dimensional Caps around the land
  • Temperature Manipulator(TM) is set at both locations and
  • Also, interconnected both locations with 4th Dimensional Gates (Teleportation Portals).

Now, nobody can even guess after coming into boundaries that these locations are thousands of KM apart and have the same temperature.


  • - Government officials also take people seriously who are working at a low level in their organization.
  • - Their intentions are good and in favor of humankind.
  • - They are true and honest towards me.
  • - They were ready to help me to any extent.


I still need 16 years to discover ways with full functionality to see events that happened in the past. People have confusion that I am creating a metaverse to see past events. Actually, it is half true because the metaverse does not exist in reality. This is a made-up name. People have named it to create hype to sell the fictional world. What I am creating will be the reality that happened in the past. I create things for me, not for others. I don't sell anything to anyone.

For now, I am not disclosing the name of the 2 countries, size of land, and amount. All I can say is that for the next 30 years, this much land is sufficient for me to discover ways to go into the past and see events that happened in the past, which is my ultimate goal.

The above original deal is now inactive, but if anyone wants to do something to better the lives of good people without any hidden personal motive, feel free to contact me. In exchange, I don't want anything. But your intentions should be good. Otherwise, I don't even entertain you at any cost.

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